Provides world-class digital tools that make
working easier and simpler for everyone!


A bit of anecdotal story behind the name. Blixt means lightning or flash, and bit refers to the 1's and 0's that make up binary code, so BlixBit alludes to the lightining fast learning curve of Report and Run which is a digital product.

BlixtBit as a company was created as a father and son collaboration to accommodate its flagship product Report and Run. The App began as a request from Mark Thompson who was then working as a field Project Manager for a medium sized building company in Melbourne, Australia. Given that he was overseeing the construction of multiple houses in multiple locations, he didn't have the time to go back to the office or have long telephone conversations reporting issues sback to the office or the tradies. He needed a reporting tool that would be quick and accurate, hence, the birth of Report and Run, a photo report app with Jason Thompson as the developer.

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MISSION: Create and provide world-class digital tools that make working easier and simpler for everyone.

VISION: Fundamental to BlixtBit is the concept of creating universal an dsimpe software for people around the globe, the company will stay ahead of prevailing technological trends and incorporate them as quickly as possible into their products in order to accommodate the need of the consumers. At this time, BlixtBit aims to expand the PDF photo reporting by creating specialised modules that users can access according to their reportin requirements.

CULTURE: BlixtBit is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and as a nascent enterprise is operated from home. As BlixtBit is newly emerging, it is fuelled by good coffee, Matcha tea, long discussion into the night and lots of enthusiasm about its future as a medium of providing software technology globally to as many people as it can.

Our flagship product:

Report & Run

Our flagship product, Report and Run, evolved from the need to manage multiple construction sites simultaneously.
The App addresses the old adage of "A picture is worth a thousand words" put in field reporting terms, it resolves the issue of lost time through long winded conversations that attempt to identify, explain and resolve issues arising from the field. A clear annotated photograph removes multiple interpretations and arguments by providing a common framework for all involved to work from common ground to make appropriate decisions. It reinforces trust by providing proof of work.
The generic nature and simplicity of the app bypasses long learning curves so that anyone with minimal digital literacy can access and operate the app from the moment of download.
The freemium model of the app makes it accessible to anyone. It is currently available for iOS and Android, and it is used in 132 countries around the world.

Easy to Use

A complete, polished,
user-friendly, ready to use
mobile image reporting tool.


Generate and send custom PDF reports of
photos with textual and graphical
annotations all on your devices.

No cost entry

This is our initial
no-cost and ad-free offering
to download and use for any purpose.

Future releases

Take reporting to the next level with our aim
at real estate , construction, insurance,
inspections and education to name a few.


Dr Jason Thompson

Co-founder and Lead Software Developer

He holds a BSc (Hon) in games technology and a PhD in computer science. He has a long held passion for computer programming and making people more effcient through software. He has been working on Report and Run for the last two years, and has also developed other obile apps and websites.

Mark Thompson

Co-founder and The 1st User

Mark has 40 year experience of contruction in the USA and Australia, 30 years of business ownership and 10 years as one of Rotary Australia Overseas Aid porject managers. He has also worked in the software industry for a number of years developing applications for industry as well as developing software solution for his own business.